Digital Society School

I have worked in the Digital Society school since 2018, here are some of the projects I have worked on.

Digital Society School User Research

During my time working at the Digital Society School I have done UX research to better grasp the target audience and their needs. For this I have conducted co-creation sessions,  done interviews and collecting information from the different stakeholders so they could be mapped out in Personas and User Journeys.

Digital Society School personas

I started talking to the different stakeholders. By interviewing alumni, team coaches, the learning experience designer and the head of programmes I started collecting some information. Once this information was collected I started mapping it out to find commonalities across the points of view of the stakeholder.

It was clear that although the students came from all over the world, different ages, different disciplines, different skill sets and for different reasons; there were some common threads among the students.

Based on that I defined the personas, where I presented their age, where they came from, the main motivator to join the program, their learning style, their skill level and their expectations and frustrations.

Digital Society School User Journeys

After creating the personas, I led sessions to help map out the user journey that these different personas would have. The user journey focused on mapping out the touchpoints, the emotions during the phases and the learning competencies as they developed. These were shared with the team as a way to help identify moments we could intervene to alleviate tensions and also as a way to train new team members into getting familiar with our target group and what to expect during the process. This was done for all personas.