Personal experiments

I believe that the best way to learn is by trying new things. I believe that trying new things, failing, reflecting on what happened and learning from your successes and failures is the best way to learn new things and to gain new skills and viewpoints. Here you can see some of the process I have followed and the end results.

Soft Body Dynamics on Cinema4D

I got interested in soft body dynamics after seeing some animations on instagram, that played with soft body objects. I liked how objects felt jelly like and bounced, at the same time I felt that it was a perfect opportunity to make elements that adhered to the corporate image of the Digital Society School, but were less “corporate” and more fun, these elements could be shared on screens, before presentations and on social media.

I started by creating some simple shapes and constraining them within a rigid body box that wasn’t visible. I also added some turbulance, as away to have them move around and started playing with the rigidness (or rather lack off) the soft bodies.

Once I was happy with the results, I decided to start playing with materials, how can I make the objects look in the style of the Digital Society School, I tried giving the objects transparency and color, but I wasn’t very happy with them. The spheres started looking washed out and I felt they lost some of the dynamism the black spheres had. I kept some black spheres as reference.

I then started playing with different types of materials and added the Digital Society School element as a rigid body, so that the spheres would morph around the text. When I was happy with the end results, I rendered the scene completely. Something funny happened which I wasn’t expecting and that is that the pressure that was built up on one of the smaller spheres was too much and it “popped” out of the box, making the render time to be much longer than expected. However, I felt that it gave a nice effect and decided to keep it in the final version, which you can see bellow.